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There isn’t much about Mozart on this page: just a couple of adventures that happened to me in Italy, where I live.

Mozart’s Sister on the Phone

Venue: Italy, Tuscany, Arezzo (a great city). Situation: we are in an old stately building, the writer of Mozart’s Sister is reading aloud from her novel (the original Italian version). It’s the page where it talks about Mozart’s Fantasia in D minor for pianoforte, KV 397. Behind her, the pianist is sitting at the piano ready to play the piece. The hall is packed and the organizers are looking round, pleased at what they see.

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Sicily. A Mix of Ancient and Modern

It was twenty years ago that I first set foot in Sicily. I had passed the auditions and managed to get into the School of Classic Theatre which is in Syracuse. My idea of what Ortygia might be like was a bit far-fetched: people had told me that it was like a little island joined to the city by a bridge which, for some reason, I had pictured as a wooden drawbridge. Young and defenceless, with a rather bizarre imagination…

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