Here you will find some pictures: portraits of the Mozarts, the places where they lived, and some fun stuff too.

This video, that I published on YouTube quite a long time ago, displays a few paintings portraying Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his sister Maria Anna, nicknamed “Nannerl” (some of the portraits are inauthentic, actually: check out the gallery below).

The background music is Mozart’s Divertimento KV 251 “Nannerl Septett” performed by the Ensemble Wien-Berlin.

On the web you can find a large number of portraits of Mozart, or presumably of Mozart: this is my choice of images related to him, his family, his life — in short, his world. Click wherever you wish: you’ll see the picture enlarged, you’ll know what is it about, and you can easily move along to the next one.

Thanks to the owners of these images for making them available as per the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND License.