Three unforgettable days

I specially wrote a short story for the MatchBoox project. MatchBoox are handmade books folded intricately into a tiny concertina that fits inside a matchbox. Authors including Ramsey Nasr, Abdelkader Benali and Joke van Leeuwen have created short, short stories for their own MatchBoox and artists have transformed their words into beautifully illustrated works of art that tuck snugly inside the box.

I especially recommend my story—ups and downs of a tumultuous love affair—as a comforting message to lovers and former lovers. Three unforgettable days is in the English language (translation from Italian, my native language, by Laura Watkinson) and has been beautifully illustrated by Marion Bloem, who made my story into a miniature work of art.

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Alexander Dumas’ Strange Day

My second historical novel La strana giornata di Alexandre Dumas (Alexander Dumas’ Strange Day) is out in Italy. If you can read Italian, you may order the book on Here is what the story is about.

It would have been a day like any other for Alexander Dumas père if it hadn’t been for that strange lady who wanted to tell him what the stars predicted for him for the following year, 1844. After exchanging a few pleasantries, Alexander realized, however, that the lady had no intention of talking about horoscopes. She had her own story to tell. And this time, he would be the one to listen.

Everything started in Modigliana in Romagna, where the fortune-teller’s mother, Vincenza, had brought her into the world and named her Maria Stella. Before long, however, Vincenza realized that the little girl’s shock of red hair and sky blue eyes couldn’t have come from her or her husband, Lorenzo, because they were both as black as coal. She wasn’t their daughter.

When she tried to tell people what she suspected, nobody believed her. Vincenza was forced to search in every corner of the house, ask the neighbours and even question the local Count.

The story surrounding the girl’s origins was shocking and Vincenza never discussed it with anybody except the girl who kept it secret for years. Until the day Maria Stella decided to share it with Alexander Dumas, the famous writer—a scandalous story that could have shaken to its very roots the whole of the kingdom of France.



The two lives of Elsa

My third novel Le due vite di Elsa (The two lives of Elsa), that involves Anita Garibaldi, is now out in Italy. You may find the synopsis here (in Italian: feel free to use the Google Translate gadget on the top right). You may also order the e-book (Italian Kindle Edition) on


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